documentary, 2022

premiere: IDFA, Envision competition, 2022

directors: Luka Papić,  Srđa Vučo
producers: Srđa Vučo,  Luka Papić

supported by:
Film Center Serbia

Award for the best editing, Beldocs, Belgrade, 2023
Audience award for the best European film, Beldocs, Belgrade, 2023

Special mention, Underhill festival, Montenegro, 2023

Best feature documentary, Ciudad de Mexico International Film Festival, Mexico, 2023
After 45 years of single-party communist rule in Serbia, political parties gained legal status in 1990, and the first multiparty elections in Serbian history were held. Five ex-presidential candidates, today’s misfits, bring back memories of the elections and relive that crucial event, not realizing that they played only supporting roles.

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